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Corporate Profile: IOP Ophthalmics

IOP Ophthalmics (Costa Mesa, California ,USA) is an innovation-driven, medical technology company -  focused on the development, commercialization and distribution of specialty ophthalmic surgical devices and biologics worldwide.

Founded in 1988, IOP focuses on unique, leading-edge surgical technologies.  The Company has leadership positions with human tissue technologies for ocular surface, glaucoma and oculoplastic indications; device technologies for glaucoma and oculoplastic indications; and bioimplants for general ophthalmic surgeries.

Through long-standing relationships with key clinical and market leaders, IOP has an established and focused technology-development pipeline.  The Company believes it will lead to differentiated, unique technologies that will satisfy unmet surgeon and patient demands.

 IOP employs a variety of innovative methods and strategic collaborations to develop and deliver technologies offering solutions.  The Company currently holds strategic alliances with RTI Biologics, Mimedx Group Inc., Surgical Biologics LLC, Cook Surgical, Molteno® Ophthalmic Ltd., OKTO Ophtho, Osmed GbH, Advanced Meditech International, and Bioplate, Inc.


IOP, Inc. Mission Statement                             

Our mission at IOP, Inc. is to provide surgeons and medical institutions with innovative surgical technologies that enhance, preserve and heal the conditions of people worldwide.  Our customers increasingly and rightfully look to us for progress: better surgical solutions and information.  We embrace this role as the market leader and prepare for their demands.

Our focus is on building the value of the company through ideas, innovation, technology and efficiency.  The results will continue to be increased market share, revenue and income.

Our “mission completes” are the result of our people: our customers, employees and investors.   Our successes will be the result of our ideas, planning, goals, execution, fair compensation and focused “innovation management”. Our fuel is multi-faceted:  it is symbolized by our autonomy, determination, focus, creativity, consistency, resiliency, family and personal happiness.