IOP Launches THIRD Generation Amniotic Membrane Technology

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COSTA MESA, California – 3 November 2008 – IOP Inc., the leader in bioimplant technologies for eye surgery, introduced Ambio5™ : the new, thicker generation 3 amniotic membrane technology for eye surgery.

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IOP Inc.’s research, development and commercialization of amniotic membrane grafts dates to 1996. In 2002, the “generation 1″ AmbioDry™ Amniotic Membrane technology was introduced to the ophthalmic surgical community for the treatment of ocular disorders.
AmbioDry2™ – today’s leading AM technology in ophthalmology – was launched in October 2007.

In 2007, IOP Inc. began focused development of a customized, thicker amniotic membrane graft for expanded indications. The product concept swiveled on developing a unique 100+ micron thick configuration – that met the expanded surgical demands of the eye surgeon – but also maintained the potent logistical and safety values of the AmbioDry2 technology.

Today, the product concept has been realized: Ambio5™- ophthalmology’s first 100+ micron amniotic membrane graft.

“Ambio5 is our most compelling, unique tissue innovation to-date and the compilation of our decade-long work with amniotic membrane, ” said Erich Ziegler, V.P of IOP. “Ambio5 will now allow us to completely service the ophthalmologists’ needs for amniotic membrane grafting.”

The use of dehydrated human amniotic membrane to surgically treat ocular surface disorders was initially detailed clinically by physicians in the 1940′s. During the past seven years, its clinical use and reporting have been revived and expanded.

Dr. Batlle, a world-renown ophthalmologist, is the recognized innovator and pioneer of preserved amniotic membrane for ophthalmic surgery. His efforts with amniotic membrane began in 1989. In 1993, at the American Academy Meeting in Chicago, Dr. Batlle initially presented his experiences employing preserved human amniotic membrane for the surgical treatment of pterygium, dermoids, fornix reconstruction, alkali burns and bullous keratopathy.

Most importantly, Dr. Batlle’s research noted the histological and immunological importance of utilizing preserved amniotic membrane containing devitalized, intact cellular components – to ensure graft viability and performance.

About IOP

Founded in 1988, IOP, Inc. develops and commercializes specialized, leading-edge surgical technologies for eye surgery. IOP’s purpose is to develop surgical solutions that improve the quality of life for patients, elevate the performance and productivity of eye care professionals, and lower costs to the provider

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