IOP, Inc. Initiates a National, Multi-Center Clinical Trial for Pioneering Orbital Implant

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COSTA MESA, California – 22 September 2003 – IOP Inc.,

The new orbital implant consists of a hydrogel sphere to be targeted towards the growing trend towards evisceration as an alternative to enucleation. The advantage of the expanding hydrogel is that the implant is the appropriate size to be placed into the smaller opening of the eviscerated sclera shell.

In the early postoperative period, the implant will expand from approximately 1cc to 5cc of volume to fill the orbital space. This will help maximize volume enhancement while maintaining the natural sclera and muscle cone in place.

The hydrogel sphere has been observed to establish significantly less postoperative pain and more rapid healing. In addition the more simplified surgical technique is anticipated to save valuable operating room time.

The study will be enrolling patients at Harvard University (Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary), University of Southern California (Doheny Eye Institute) and Emory University Eye Clinic.

About IOP Ophthalmics Founded in 1988, IOP, Inc. develops and commercializes specialized, leading-edge surgical technologies for eye surgery. IOP's purpose is to develop surgical solutions that improve the quality of life for patients, elevate the performance and productivity of eye care professionals, and lower costs to the provider. IOP currently holds leadership positions with surgical devices for oculoplastic surgeries and bio-implant technologies for cornea, anterior and oculoplastic surgeries.

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