IOP, Inc. Launches SutureGroove™ Technology for Eyelid Surgery

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COSTA MESA, California – August 15, 2000 – IOP, Inc., the premier developer and distributor of surgical device technologies, announced the launch of the innovative SutureGroove™ Gold Eyelid Weights for eyelid surgery. IOP, Inc. received market clearance from the Food and Drug Administration in April.

The SutureGroove™ technology involves the incorporation of suture channels in traditional gold eyelid weights, used for decades in the treatment of lagophthalmos (the inability to close upper eyelids due to muscle dystrophy). The weights are surgically implanted onto the tarsal plate of the eyelid. The lid function normalizes by using the weight’s gravity to assist in achieving complete eyelid closure and partial recreation of a natural eye blink reflex.

The unique SutureGroove™ design facilitates a more stable and secured fixation of the gold weight by incorporating a suture channel or groove on the surface of the gold weight near the fixation holes. The depth of the groove is about the diameter of a regular 6.0 suture. This channeling of the sutures will also eliminate unsightly raised suture lines often times visible following surgery.

Once again, we will be providing our core customers with an additional innovative surgical technology, said Erik Melling, Director of Sales of IOP, Inc. Our entire surgical sales team, in complementing our early marketing efforts, is poised, excited and prepared for the surgical demand. As always, our expectations are extremely high.

IOP, Inc. is committed to improving the quality of life of people worldwide…to elevating surgical performance through ideas, innovation and technology.

About IOP Ophthalmics Founded in 1988, IOP, Inc. develops and commercializes specialized, leading-edge surgical technologies for eye surgery. IOP's purpose is to develop surgical solutions that improve the quality of life for patients, elevate the performance and productivity of eye care professionals, and lower costs to the provider. IOP currently holds leadership positions with surgical devices for oculoplastic surgeries and bio-implant technologies for cornea, anterior and oculoplastic surgeries.

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