IOP Ophthalmics Launches New Corporate Identity and Brand

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COSTA MESA, California – 11 January 2011 – IOP Ophthalmics, the premier developer and distributor of specialty surgical technologies for eye surgery, today unveiled the dramatic transformation of its corporate identity with a new company brand. The new company logo is designed to visually evoke the power of IOP Ophthalmics: its people, its customers, its technologies, its 20-year history.

“IOP has successfully developed and commercialized specialty ophthalmic s surgical technologies and bioimplants for over twenty years”, states Erich Ziegler. Officer at IOP. “Our continued success is the result of the complete business synergy – merging together of our people, technology, our customers, steady focus and entrepreneurship. Our new brand reflects this power.”

logo 800w IOP Ophthalmics Launches New Corporate Identity and Brand The new IOP logo bears a circular symbol capturing multiple meanings and affects. The single overall circle symbolizes IOP’s completeness and synergy. The circle inside the circle captures IOP’s unyielding focus on the ophthalmologist and eye surgery. The variations of blue represents IOP’s commitment to healing- improving the care of patients through technology. And, finally, the letters “IOP” are captured intricately inside the circle – to embrace the overall power of the company and to give the symbol its core identity. The company’s new web site – – goes live tonight with the new brand identity. IOP will commence logo changes on all product and marketing collateral – with a transition period expected to last about one year.

About IOP Ophthalmics Founded in 1988, IOP, Inc. develops and commercializes specialized, leading-edge surgical technologies for eye surgery. IOP's purpose is to develop surgical solutions that improve the quality of life for patients, elevate the performance and productivity of eye care professionals, and lower costs to the provider. IOP currently holds leadership positions with surgical devices for oculoplastic surgeries and bio-implant technologies for cornea, anterior and oculoplastic surgeries.

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