David Weissgold, M.D. of University of Vermont Publishes Use of Tutoplast® in Retina Surgery

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COSTA MESA, California – June 1, 2001 – In May of 2001, IOP Ophthalmics launched its first edition of the upgraded and newly-designed IOProfiles, a monthly newsletter focused on Surgical Sales and Marketing at IOP Ophthalmics

The purposes of each and every IOProfiles are:

  • To develop and maintain a formal, monthly surgical sales, communication tool…… a tool designed to inform, update and direct our Surgical Sales Team and Surgical Support Teams about any and all issues affecting Surgical Sales at IOP Ophthalmics
  • To highlight the top Surgical Sales performers
  • To generate laughs and have fun by showing the humorous side of Surgical Sales at IOP Ophthalmics
  • To help motivate and inspire IOP Ophthalmics’s Surgical Sales Team and Surgical Support Teams to be the finest in the industry

Each IOProfiles issue will feature:

  • Cover Story Each month, IOProfiles will detail the most current, newsworthy highlights surrounding our people, products, activities and events.
  • Message From the Man: Erik Melling, the Director of Surgical Sales-U..S., will provide a monthly, State of the Union-style report. His focus will be on issues affecting Surgical Sales.
  • IOPearls: Erik Melling, along with insight from other sources, will provide powerful and uplifting sales techniques for the field.
  • IOPerformance: The Scoreboard This final section will quantify Surgical Sales performance for the previous month.

IOP Ophthalmics is committed to improving the quality of life of people worldwide to elevating surgical performance through ideas, innovation and technology.

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