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IOP is excited to join you at the Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology annual meeting on November 30-December 2, 2012 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, Phillippines.   IOP surgical consultant,  Jay Tardugno, will be available to discuss some amazing new ophthalmic surgical technologies.  Please visit our booth and ask Jay about our newly enhanced Molteno3 Tube Shunt for managing IOP in late-stage glaucoma patients.  We have repositioned the sutureholes and lowered the profile of the pressure ridge for enhanced surgical utility.  For bleb management information please view our new Glaucoma Bleb Management Brochure. Also, on-hand, will be a newAmbioDisk, an amniotic membrane corneal disk overlay graft for neurotrophic ulcers and non-healing epithelial defects.   The AmbioDisk can be used in an office setting using a non-surgical, sutureless approach.   In the mean time please feel free to contact Jay Tardugno at 617.640.0962 or

Jay Tardugno Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology AmbioDisk Bright Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology AmbioLensStillShotPlay Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology M3 WebImage2 Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology SurgicalPhoto Step41509 Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology

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