Primary Open Angle Glaucoma

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molteno logo Primary Open Angle Glaucoma

Case Study:
Primary Open Angle Glaucoma Treated with Molteno® Implant

The patient underwent trabeculectomy for open angle glaucoma in the left eye. The trabeculectomy failed with progression of field loss and loss of central vision. Preoperative IOP on timolol and acetazolamide was 28 mmHg and visual acuity was 6/24. A Pressure Ridge Double Plate Molteno® Implant (DL2) with Vicryl-tie and Sherwood slit was inserted. The postoperative course was smooth and uneventful. Currently, eight years after operation, the IOP is 12 mmHg on no treatment, while the visual acuity remains 6/24. Surgeon: ACB Molteno, M.D. FACS.