Ocular Surface

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The emergence of processed amniotic membrane has revolutionized the way surgeons treat ocular surface disorders. IOP has utilized 20 years of clinical experience to improve and enhance its unique, proprietary dehydrated amniotic membrane, Ambio5® and Ambio2TM, to meet the demands of a variety of ocular surface defects.

Ambio2 is our second generation amniotic membrane technology. Ambio2 is a dehydrated, terminally-sterilized, device-like technology – with retained biostructural and collagen components. Each graft can be stored on the shelf for 5 years – readily available to manage a range of ocular surface disorders and diseases.

Ambio5 is our third generation amniotic membrane technology. Ambio5 was developed to yield a substantially thicker more intact, native amniotic membrane grafts – for indications requiring a more robust amniotic membrane graft. Each unit is sterilized and packaged with device-like, proprietary methods, designed to optimize storage and utility.

Amniotic Membrane Grafts
amniotic Ocular Surface

Ambio2 and Ambio5 Membrane Allografts are processed, dehydrated, sterilized human amniotic membrane tissue grafts.