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“IOP brings more than 25 years of developmental experience to the surgeon by providing the complete glaucoma surgical solution: a highly evolved Molteno glaucoma drainage device coupled with our innovative range of patch graft options.”

Since its introduction in 1995, Tutoplast pericardium and sclera allografts have been adopted by nearly every major eye institution in the U.S. as the surgical standard for glaucoma shunt procedures. The Tutoplast Process is a scientifically based method of virally inactivating, preserving and sterilizing human tissue for implantation. Tutoplastâ Pericardium offers several surgical, logistical, economic and, most importantly, immunological advantages to alternative tissues.

The evolution of our Molteno glaucoma drainage device commences with the creation or our newly enhanced 3rd generation Molteno3. The structural characteristics of the Molteno3 make it the most advanced glaucoma drainage device on the market today. Surgeons can perform single-quadrant surgery yet have double-plate performance. Patients see a significant reduction in IOP over an extended period of time as a result of this glaucoma implant. Surgeons experience significantly less surgery time due to its improved surgical utility.

Our keraSys technology, a lamellar patch graft, is a translucent patch which also caps the tube shunt implant while providing a strong, durable and translucent bioengineered material to cover the surgical site, retain the Molteno3 and preserve the natural aesthetics of the ocular surface. KeraSys is a sterile processed tissue that avoids the transmission risk involved in organ donor transplant tissue.

Drainage Devices
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Glaucoma drainage devices such as the Molteno and Molteno3, create an alternate aqueous pathway from the anterior chamber by channeling aqueous out of the eye through a tube to a subconjunctival bleb.

Patch Grafts
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keraSys lamellar patch grafts, Tutoplast® Pericardium and Tutoplast® Sclera allografts have been employed by ophthalmic surgeons throughout the world to treat a variety of ocular conditions.