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Our innovative oculoplastic technologies utilize unique materials to form powerful surgical solutions: processed human pericardium & sclera allografts, eyelid tarsus substitutes, eyelid spacer grafts, and Labtician Proportional™ Lid Load gold eyelid weights.

Tutoplast procesed allografts and our Ambio5 processed tissue provide a unique range of oculoplastic socket and eyelid reconstruction surgeries including facia lata for eyelid ptosis surgery. Our tutoplast whole-sclera offering provides a a pre-formed processed human scleral shell, designed for the perfected, contour wrapping of an orbital implant during enucleation surgery. The power of this tissue process technology is its ability to (1) render human tissue void of cell debris, antigens and potential viruses, and (2) maintain the structural integrity inherent in the pre-processed collagen.

Natural tarsus is specialized tissue that is neither purely fibrous nor cartilaginous in composition. The tissue functions as the skeletal structure for the delicate mechanical properties of the lid. Substitute materials necessary to correct lid function are limited due to the hybrid composition of this unique tissue type.

The Labtician Proportional™ Lid Load gold lid weights help treat patients with lagophthalmos a condition often caused by facial paralysis or Bell’s Palsy.

Eyelid Spacer Grafts
eyelid spacer graft Oculoplastics

Eyelid spacer grafts are intended for implantation to reinforce and aid reconstruction of the eyelid.

Gold Eyelid Weights
gold eyelid weights Oculoplastics

Employed for the surgical treatment of lagophthalmos, Labtician Proportional™ Lid Load gold eyelid weights are forged from pure gold and incorporate the innovative suture-channel design for superior fixation and cosmesis.

Orbital Implant Wraps
orbital implant wrap Oculoplastics

Tutoplast Whole Sclera

Ptosis Slings
pstosis slings Oculoplastics

Ptosis slings are used to treat frontalis suspension in patients with significant ptosis and poor levator functioning.