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Drainage Devices
Molteno3Category Products

Glaucoma drainage devices such as the Molteno and Molteno3, create an alternate aqueous pathway from the anterior chamber by channeling aqueous out of the eye through a tube to a subconjunctival bleb.

Patch Grafts
patch grafts Products

KeraSys lamellar patch grafts, Tutoplast® Pericardium and Tutoplast® Sclera allografts have been employed by ophthalmic surgeons throughout the world to treat a variety of ocular conditions.


Eyelid Spacer Grafts
eyelid spacer graft Products

Eyelid spacer grafts are intended for implantation to reinforce and aid reconstruction of the eyelid.

Gold Eyelid Weights
gold eyelid weights Products

Employed for the surgical treatment of lagophthalmos, SutureGroove™ Gold Eyelid Weights are forged from pure gold and incorporate the innovative suture-channel design for superior fixation and cosmesis.

Orbital Implant Wraps
orbital implant wrap Products

Tutoplast Whole Sclera

Ptosis Slings
pstosis slings Products

Ptosis slings are used to treat frontalis suspension in patients with significant ptosis and poor levator functioning.

Tissue Expanders
tissue Products

Osmotic tissue expanders are indicated for the facilitation of normal growth of orbital soft tissues and bone to achieve proximate facial symmetry in congenital anophthalmos and microphthalmos.

Ocular Surface

Amniotic Membrane Grafts
amniotic Products

AmbioDry2 and Ambio5 Membrane Allografts are processed, dehydrated, sterilized human amniotic membrane tissue grafts.