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The Ambio2TM Allograft technology was developed in order to optimize and simplify amniotic membrane transplantation (AMT) for eye surgery. The safety, logistical and surgical advantages with Ambio are vast.


Optimized Surgical Utility

  • The free-standing configuration drastically reduces surgical time by eliminating the need for graft separation from nitrocellulose backing/substrate.
  • This unique graft can be applied to the surgical site while dry, activated with sterile saline in minutes and then fixated into place.


Surface Orientation Identification

The unique “watermark” impression on the Ambio2TM allows for visual identification of the basement and stromal surfaces.

The basement membrane can be easily identified by noting the proper vertical orientation of the “IOP” impression.


Viable and Biostructurally Intact

  • The scientifically-based Ambio2TM process removes bioburden and potential virulency, but retains the devitalized, cellular components.
  • Photomicrograph shows intact epithelial and fibroblast cell components – with dense extracellular matrix.


Ambio2™ Amniotic Membrane Allografts

  • Each allograft is cleaned, dehydrated and sterilized based upon strict, quality-controlled protocols.
  • In its dry state, Ambio2TM allografts are translucent, lightweight and thin.
  • Nominal thickness: 40 microns.


Safety and Handling

Tissue Safety

All tissue recovered meets stringent specifications related to donor screening and testing.

Tissue Quality

Each allograft is processed, sterilized and packaged with proprietary, device-like methods – to ensure consistent, high quality tissue for transplantation.

Simple Storage and Preparation

Ambio2TM Allografts are provided dehydrated for room-temp storage. No freezing or refrigeration required. Ambio2TM activates with sterile saline within minutes. No thawing or soaks required.




Click here to download our Directions for Use PDF.

The relevance of the reimbursement codes depends on indications of use and geographic region. For more information on this free service to our health care clients, please contact Katena customer service:



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Pterygium: Surgical Strategies for Success
Dr. Hovanesian reveals his techniques for successful pterygium surgery. His recommendations include using sutureless fixation of dehydrated amniotic membrane.


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Conjunctival Chalasis
Due to the similarity of symptoms, conjunctival chalasis is often misdiagnosed as dry eye. Dr. Hovanesian discusses tips for identifying and treating this condition. Following excision of a small strip of conjunctiva, a piece of Ambio2 amniotic membrane allograft is secured into place.


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